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What is Ecofriendly Choices?

Ecofriendly Choices is an online space dedicated to equip you with behavioral tools to accelerate your ecofriendly journey, and transform your green values, ideas and aspiration into REALITY. One Ecofriendly Choice at a time.

Why Choices?

Because a choice is the smallest unit for behavioral change. It is where all the magic starts. If you focus on your choices, you free yourself from overwhelm, and begin to perceive the journey in a simpler and more approachable lens.

What is this website all about?

This website tackles the HOW of the ecofriendly transformation. For example, how to deal with the excess amount of green information, how to start a new ecofriendly habit, how to manage the transformation without overwhelm, how to deal with guilt and other eco-emotions, how to flip a lousy single use plastic episode into a winning opportunity, and much more!

We simplify the psychological and behavioral mechanisms that occur during the ecofriendly journey, and we offer easy-to-use behavioral tools to help you take extra large leaps in your journey.

Is is based on science?

Yes! Here you will discover the wisdom of behavioral science in accelerating your own personal ecological transformation.

The behavioral wisdom that we share acknowledges our limited resources: limited attention, limited time, limited energy, limited financial resources.

It also considers and appreciates that each individual is different, and each journey is different. So a personal and personalized experience is a MUST.

We take that as a starting point, to tailor the best content, that will make your life easier, and your actions more in line with your ecofriendly values!

What to expect?

Articles, courses and webinars, e-books, worksheets…. Through these tools, Ecofriendly Choices will empower YOU to move forwards and become the greenest version OF YOURSELF.

Trust us, this website will soon become one of your favorites and most visited!

Are your ready to make ecofriendly choices?

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