Frequently Asked Questions

What is behavioral science?

It is the science that explores why, how and when people do things. It also uncovers why, how and when people choose NOT to do things, or fail to do things.

What do you mean by behavioral tools?

Think of them as mental shortcuts on how to respond to situations. Also thought organizing methods that will optimize your actions in accordance with your green values and long term goals.

How is this different than other eco hacks and tricks?

Ecofriendly Choices does not recommend specific behaviors (we will not say: get more plants or use reusable water bottles). Because we know that each journey is different, and what you can do for the environment is different than what your neighbor can and wants to do for the environment. Instead you will find here a simplified WAY of turning your own thoughts and ideas into REALITY. It will help you CHANGE and become the greenest version of yourself.

Who is behind the website?

Ghina El Haffar. She is a researcher in behavioral science, specialized in sustainable consumption and behavioral change. She started her career as a marketer, and soon fell in love with behavioral change, and wanted to invest this knowledge in something that would change the world to a greener and better place. Learn more about Ghina here.

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